Jan 11, 2014

My Dream

This is my frist time I wrote my post with English, because I want to try something new, im liar! oh ok I have a reason for this.
Today my new class was beginning, yeah I have been joining English course since September 2013, and now am at level 6 in general English class, cool! Actually its not cool, you know? I can admitted to the next level because something mistook, we got blank paper question sheets on last final test, not all just some number question blank! So we got bonus point, yaayaya!.
Today We were learning formula Present Continous and plan in the future, so I will improve my new knowledge here.

I wrote my plan on paper

I believe everyone has a dream in their live, yes me too! I had a plan for around the word! Hey we are knew “everything its once” right? like title lenka song,

My dream was beginning after I watched movie “Eurotrip” the story about Scott teenagers from Ohio, he had  pen friend from Germany, her name is Mieke seems like michelle in british, but Scott thought Mieke is a man seems Mike!.
Scott fell disgusting when Mieke said love to him! And then scott blocked Mieke’s email address! But his little brother talk to him and laughing “Scott you are so dumb, you are lost the angel! Mieke is woman seems  like michelle, did you know it, aren’t you?”. Scott’s brother knew it because he was learning germanish. 

Scott really disappointed and flight to Germany with his best friends for meet mieke, but unfortunately Mieke was not in Germany, she had tour in Paris. And the adventure was beginning, scott and his friends around the Europe, they were visited to Holland, Italia, Roma, for find mieke.

Yeah my dream is around the Europe! Like eurotrip movie, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, France, Germany, Italy, Holland. I want to visit to every corner beauty place in the world! The first place which I will come its Turkey!
And I have got, good information from one of  friends in Turkey, He said “Turkish boys Like Asians Girls!” woohoo I will Come to Turkey maybe Find one of them, my first destination is blue mosque, yeah im very admire with architecture at blue mosque and Hagia Shopia, I Love a both of!

I hope I can around away at Bhosporus bridge ( Boğaziçi Köprüsü).
How about grand bazaar? Oh sure! I will go shopping and buy a lot of things on there, oh maybe someone should be lock my wallet! And of course I cant pass culinary tourism, I want to eat a lot kebap! Yes I loves kebap! Like I love you! Lol.
architecture in blue mosque, subhanllah very awesome

Hagia Sophia

Someday I believe i will visit grand bazar

Cevahir shopping mall

And one of modern places should not be Skipp its  Cevahir shopping mall, yaey! I want to come there!  Although just window shopping!.

But the most of things, the reason I wrote this post, I want to meet someone in Turkey! Actually I had a lot of  pen friends from Turkey and I want to meet them! Its bonus if I can take picture and shake hand in real! I really really want.

 I wish I can meet them seems like scott succeed met his love Mieke in Roma on Eurotrip movie.

I know for make my dream come true I need a lot of money, I was saving money, but if you read my post and you are millioner and generous, maybe you can help me for make my dream come true! Im serious, i need your help.

Thank you for reading my post, Im so sorry if my grammar very mesh, I need learn more.
You can get everything you want, from your dream, If you help someone else for make their dream come true” [Zig-Ziglar]
Big Thx, and leave me comment please


  1. "Yeah my dream is around the Europe! Like eurotrip movie, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Germany, Italy, Holland. I want to visit to every corner beauty place in the world! The first place which I will came its Turkey! "

    ane juga mau dong kaka diajak kalo mimpi ini kesampean, semua ditanggung kaka vira yaaa.. :3

    1. hhhehe insya allah de, kalo ada rejeki lebih ayoo aja :D

  2. Gak terlalu tau artinya (maaf orang kampung :|)
    yang penting, success for your dream :)

    1. hahha gak pa-pa gue juga lg belajar nih,
      but thx for visited my blog :)

  3. Uwoo me either! I want to eurotrip! especially going to Turkey! Hagia sophia and blue mosque, i'm coming!

    1. maybe we can going to turkey together emiip :)
      Europe we are coming!!

  4. Artinya apaan sihhh?? lagi males translate, haha

  5. Hehehe it's so cool read other person dreams like this. Sooo.. keep doing this ya because you know, everything starts from a dream. NIce to know your blog btw :))

    1. yeah because i believe in angel something good in everything i see and when i know the times is right for me :)
      thx for coming :D

  6. *buka google translate*
    *google translatenya juga bingung*
    *gue bisa apa*
    *nyesel dulu les bahasa inggris di yamaha*

    intinya 'jangan pernah berhenti bermimpi' . keep fighting!!!!

    1. hhehhe disuruh latihan sama teacher gue ris :)
      kalo pas sesi writing gue pelit nulis :P

      aamiin I will keep my dream in my heart :D

  7. Kenapa gak pengen ke Mekkah aja ?

    1. Insya Allah kalo dikasih kesempatan sama ALLAH :)

    2. Jangan menunggu dikasih tapi buat kesempatan hihihihihi :P


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