Jan 29, 2014

Culture Shock

        Are you traveler? Have  you ever come to Indonesia? Or do you have plan going to Indonesia? If yes! I have some tips about culture in Indonesia, maybe these is will be help you from culture shock.
Lets check it out!

Giving a receiving presents
1. If you want to give something to your friends, is  better if you give a souvenir, 

why? because Indonesian people like  everlasting things, but is ok if you give such us a cake, or cookies, they will accept it with pleasure.

2. And how if you as receiver? I think if your friends ask for take open the present gift, you should open it at the moment, and please say

 “Thank you very much! I love it

 but if they aren’t ask for open it, is better take open the gift when you at home, its depends situation.

Behaviour In the street
1. Don’t wear short pants or mini skirt, if you going to somewhere lonely or gangster will be bothered you.

2. Don’t show fancy things, or pick pocket will stole it.

3. Don’t receive drink or food  from stranger, its dangerous, no body knows if someone has mixed it with toxic, so please don’t do that.

4. But if someone open conversation with you and you feel comfortable with them, you can accept it, because Indonesian people admire and courious with foreigner,

that’s why Indonesians people very friendly.

Meeting greeting people

If you meet someone who have same age with you, shake hand its polite, but if you meet older than you in informal situation shake hand its not polite, you should kiss hands and you should call them with “Miss or Mr”.

 and don’t be shock if you meet child and they will kiss your hands, its mean they are respect with you, that’s habit in Indonesia.

What (not) to wear in different situation

            You can wearing T-shirt and short pants if you going to mall, but don’t wear it if you visit to your friends home, and sure you cant wear it at places of worship, its better if you wear jumper.

Other do and doesn’t

Indonesian people eat with right hands, because the left hand is dirty.

 Sometime Javanese eat without spoon and fork, So if  someone might invite you for dinner with their family, you should accept it.
Dinner together with my friend

And I suggest you for to take the food a little by little because the host will be happy if you take more the foods, and remember don’t leave any food on your plate.

And please say nice complaiment seems like
 “Wow I like the food, its very delicious, what kind of name this food?”

How? Any question? Or you want to know more? Please leave me comment and I will try respon it quickly

Thanks for visit my blog, Im so sorry my grammar very mesh, I need learn more

Big Thx Guys


  1. uuh.... i am indonesian people. such as you.
    yah, smoga emang bner ada bule yg baca tulisan ini dan bca panduan buatan lo ini, fir. hahahah
    dan smoga aja dari bule yg bneran makan nasi bungkus make tangan.
    geli juga dah gue, liat monyet''ya, vir. ehehhe
    eh, folback blog gue ya, vir klo ada waktu. heheh

    1. emang lo belum pernah makan nasi bungkus pake tangan?
      terus selama ini lo makan pake apa?? jidat? ? :]


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