Feb 26, 2014

Walk in Interview

 I tried to walk in interview on last Saturday be a presenter/reporter in one of national tv station in Indonesia. I went to there early morning, Im worry with traffic in Jakarta, Yeah every body knew traffic in Jakarta its very crazy!
I did something stupid! I went by wrong bus! Hahha

Im in trouble, I might go to there by bus number 616 [rute Cipedak-Blok M], but I went with bus number 62 [rute pasar minggu-Manggarai].

I was confuse, but bus driver told to me “You should back to pancoran, you can find bus 616 on there”

I really wonder because  the bus driver wasn’t taking my money, when I paid, im very amazing he is so kind to me, but I jus had 15 minutes or I will late.

When I arrived, there were a lot of people seems like idol audition, uugh! And many beautiful girls on there they were so good looking, hi girls please you should go to Indonesian next top model, not here!! Give me chance for this time.

It is made me little bit not sure, but support from all my friends made me confidence, I wont make them disappointed, I will do the best for this.

All of us should queque to use lift going to 3rd floor, after that I must registration and  I got 1316 number,  don’t worry the auditorium is very enjoyable I like it.

Application form be presenter or reporter
I have waited for two hours for come to interview room, some people tried to test face on camera, but unfortunately I wasn’t got the turn,

Waiting my turn

 it because my face not baby face enough on camera? I don’t know, I supposed my face very sexy and the crew worry will love it, LOL!
 Interviewer crew told to me “We will give you feed back by email/SMS to the next step for Physicology test”
I wasn’t relax to wait, I cant sleep well for a few days.
And alhamdulilah yesterday at the afternoon ive got SMS invitation from tv station, Im very hysteris, I cant believe it!

So tomorrow Im going to tv station for Physicology test, wish me luck and please pray to me.
Big Thx for you guys
and please leave me comment


  1. Wish you a millions tons of luck kak Viraaa! I believe you!

    1. hhehe thank you dear :)
      i hope i can admite to the next step :) aamiien


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